Disguising Beauty


IMG_8265I was scrolling through my Facebook feed this morning, looking at all the disguises we try on, on a daily basis. I am, equally, at fault as the next person. Why do we feel the only way we are taken seriously is when we are perfect? We put more energy into showcasing our perfection than we do monitoring our intentions.

I have learned that if it comes from a place of approval or acceptance then my intentions are wrong. You are not your social media persona. You are not a perfect parent. You are not your Snapchat filter. You are not the perfect wife, daughter, sister, or best friend. You are not the prettiest, skinniest, happiest.


If cutting back flips for the world to see is getting exhausting… STOP. The only person who truly cares is… YOU.

Sweet child,
Be free.IMG_8238


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