What Do you Mean “Live Your Truth?” How To Unapologetically Find and Live Out Your Truth


When a person is committed to being who they truly are in every single area of their life, their decisions are unwavering.

I have been asked what it was lately that has set my world on fire. Was it my camping trip? Was it building my own place? No. In fact, all of these are merely by products of a much more meaningful decision! I decided it was time to accept my own truth and LIVE by it. Does that mean I have been a dishonest person? Not necessarily. Does it mean that I have to constantly live in anger for the past? Absolutely not! It just means that I had never set a standard of living for my life, therefore leaving me nothing to measure my relationships, career choices, and overall life management against.

Lets begin by defining the word “truth” in terms of the self. Truth simply means authentic. By living your truth, you are simply making a commitment to be in touch with your core spirit, understanding your foundational beliefs, and acting in accordance to your true character. When a person is committed to being who they truly are in every single area of their life, their decisions are unwavering. The opposite is true when a person is not accepting of their own truth. Because they arent in touch with who they are, the often lean on outside sources for validation. Since life changes on a daily basis, this means their beliefs change as well. Decisions they would’ve made yesterday are no longer ideal for who they are today.

Now that I am in touch with my true self, I look back and feel so sorry for the girl that never knew how smart she was. It breaks my heart for the child she didn’t raise because his mother had so much to teach him, yet she never even knew it. I see a young girl who self medicated to escape her reality of not knowing. I see an impressionable young girl who had a warped sense of values and morals. There was no direction or sense of identity. She was acting in accordance with the woman the world told her she was instead of the woman she was intended to be. I used to imagine all of the “what ifs”, but, now, there is a sense of peace knowing there was a reason I wasn’t supposed to understand until now.


How do you know when you come into contact with your truth? 

When I met face to face with my truth, it was an emotional homecoming. I am not saying everyone’s experience is that dramatic, but I couldn’t deny what was happening. I will never forget those moments, standing barefoot in dirt, tilling our back yard to plant a flower garden.” Childhood memories began to surface, good and bad. I remembered things that I used to want for my life, before the world told me who I was. Something brought me back “down to earth” and I became more connected with my own spirit than I ever had. It was the most incredible experience.

Since that time, I see a much different woman staring back at me in the mirror. I see someone who relies on her own intuition more than ever. She is a woman who doesn’t need the make up, smoke and mirrors. I see someone who is unafraid of saying the things that need to be said. I see someone who measures decisions before making them. She is a woman who wants to travel and see the world before settling down. I see someone who is no longer apologetic for her free spirit. I see someone who is no longer impulsive in her choices. She is a woman who speaks up for herself. She is a mother who teaches values to the one son she has left. She is a woman who attracts things completely opposite of what she used to. I see someone who invests in herself emotionally, spiritually, and mentally….. I see me.


How do you begin the process of finding your truth?

One way that I got in touch with my truth was through guided meditations. Find ones that take you back to your bedroom in your childhood home. Journaling is another way of exploring your truth. Find writing prompts that will lead you through a self discovery journey. Take up hobbies that you have never done. Gardening was the ice breaker for me. Create a space that belongs to no one else but you, whether its a corner of your living room or a whole bedroom. Decorate it in patterns and colors that entice you to spend time there. Burn candles that ignite your senses. One of my most favorite…. travel to a place you have never been!

There is a multitude of ways to inspire a truth seeking journey for yourself. My best advice is to be open. If one activity doesn’t work, don’t give up. Move on to the next. When the day comes that you come face to face with your truth, your whole world will change. Remain faithful and committed to what you find.

What do you do when you find your truth???

Sweet child, be free.

Love, D



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