Seasonal Bloom



For every season there is a reason. How often do we hear these words? How often do we evaluate the season we are in rather than the weight of opportunity?

I’m a pro at forgetting to look at the big picture. I walked through this life holding on to anger for the things I had no control. I often wondered, “Why me?” The question I should’ve been asking… “Why NOT me?!?”

As I journeyed through truth and healing this year, I watched my life bloom in unexpected ways. This gave me perspective on a much larger scale.

“Why NOT me?!?”

I realized that we all go through the same evolution in life. We just experience each stage at different times and with different degrees of severity. Each transformation builds self awareness specifically for our unique purpose on this earth.


What a blessing it is to have the privilege to bloom in the most unexpected places!

When life seems to be throwing curveballs left and right with no end in sight, try shifting  your view. Ask the universe to provide the bigger picture to see the season for what it is… The chance to bloom for your grand purpose.

Sweet child be free.

Love, D


via Daily Prompt: Blossom


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